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There are many benefits of a massage! Massages reduce muscle spasms, relieve stress, reduces stiffness and boosts immunity. They also help to control blood pressure as well as  manage anxiety and depression.

Total Body Massage | $55

Also known as a Swedish Massage, a Total Body Massage focuses on improving blood flow to the skin and muscles while removing muscle tension. You'll experience relaxation, improved circulation and reduced stress. This is a great massage to enhance your overall health!

Length: 60 Minutes

Target Area Massage | $40

Our Target Area Massage is also a type of Swedish Massage but instead of working on the total body, we focus on a specific area that is in need of tension removal and muscle relaxation. 

Length: 30 Minutes

Deep Tissue or Trigger Point Massage | $75

During this massage, we use slow friction and deep finger pressure on body areas suffering from chronic muscle tension and ache. We will also incorporate Swedish Massage with our Deep Tissue Massages. 

Length: 60 Minutes

Ashi Atsu | $90

This massage is also known as a "Barefoot Massage." Ashi (foot) and Atsu (pressure). In this massage, we utilize our feet as if they were hands. Feet can cover a larger surface than hands, covering an entire muscle group at one time. We essentially iron out your muscles. The bars above the massage table help us to adjust the pressure and allows for smooth flowing strokes. 

Length: 60 Minutes

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage | $70

Our Himalayan Salt Stone Massage reduces tension and stress. It also helps to relieve pain and inflammation. Himalayan Salt has 84 minerals and nutrients that naturally occur in our bodies. Through "osmosis" these nutrients enter the body to activate your natural healing mechanisms, allowing your body to restore its natural balance. The stones are heated to create a radiant heat that penetrates deep into sore, achy muscles. This helps the body to release toxins and allows for increased blood flow to the area of concern. The stones can also be chilled for an effective anti-inflammatory treatment.

Length: 45 Minutes

Massage Cupping | Starts at $55

Massage Cupping is considered a type of deep tissue massage during which we use silicone cups to create suction  on the skin. Massage Cupping can help eliminate pain and inflammation. It can also increase blood flow and overall well being.

Length: 30 or 60 Minutes

Acupressure Massage | $75

Our Acupressure Massage is used to relieve pain in specific areas of the body. Our therapist uses the thumbs, knuckles and fingers to apply pressure to both local and trigger acupoints of the body. Acupressure is not considered to be a painful procedure. Acupressure Massage is most beneficial to anyone who is suffering from pain and looking for a natural form of relief.

Length: 60 Minutes

Put It Where It Hurts Massage | Starts at $55

This massage is focused on an area of the body causing particular discomfort or pain. We use Empower® Body Care Oil, whose motto is to "put it where it hurts"... so we do! This massage can be performed with your choice of pressure, including traditional relaxation, deep tissue or warm salt stones.

Length: 30 or 60 Minutes

Face Lift Massage | $120

During our Face Lift Massage, we utilize Acupressure techniques to encourage lymph drainage as well as a specific series of massage strokes to tone and tighten the facial muscles.

Length: 60 Minutes

Pregnancy Massage | $60

Our Pregnancy Massage is tailored specifically to the expectant mother's needs. We will make sue the mommy is pampered from head to toe!

Length: 45 Minutes

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